Business ideals

Business ideals

Focus on the future, learn from the world
Through the creation of new values
Contribute to people’s happiness and create a wealthy society

Basic business policies

  1. Improve technologies and know-how, and win the trust of customers through attractive products
  2. Value individuality, and create a bright and active company
  3. Value nature and the environment, and move forward in step with society

Employee actions

  1. Polish the self and make great changes
  2. Cooperate with each other, and take firm action
  3. Become bright, energetic and reliable employees

Corporate logo

The symbol, with its blue and green format, artfully arranges the “Kyo” of “Kyosan”, but at the same time is imbued with the following meanings.
The green circles are the head, and the blue is the body. It invokes the shape of someone holding out their hands.
In addition to the “san” of “Kyosan”, the design expresses the overlap of “three people”.
At the same time as hinting at the breadth of the company with its 360º orientation, it values the “person”, and places the “person” at the center to incorporate the basic attitude of Kyosan Denki of striving to achieve corporate growth.
The blue part of the logo is designed like the letter “Y”, the initial for the word “Young”, and aims to express Kyosan Denki’s lively corporate character.
The logo was created in April 1989 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the company’s founding.