Privacy policy


Kyosan Denki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Kyosan”) believes that protecting all the personal information that people provide to us is an important responsibility as a personal information handler.
Kyosan has determined its corporate “privacy policy” as described below, and has established suitable safety management policies and strives to protect the personal information in our possession according to the laws, guidelines, and in-house regulations for preventing the leak, diversion, or manipulation, etc., of personal information provided by customers.
Further, staff are trained in the suitable handling of personal information, and make all possible efforts to protect that information

What is personal information?

According to our policy, personal information means information that can identify an individual customer, such as address, name, telephone number, and e-mail address, etc., that Kyosan has received from the customer, or information that is unique to an individual customer.

Acquiring Personal Information

As a rule, personal information acquired by Kyosan is deemed to be information provided (registered) by the customer knowingly.
Personal information is acquired only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes that have been made clear to the customer. Further, if a customer does not wish to provide (register) personal information with Kyosan, they may refuse to do so based on their own judgment.
In such cases, the customer will be unable to use Kyosan services for which personal information is necessary and indispensable.

Purposes and Limits of Use of Personal Information

Kyosan Uses customer personal information to respond to questions, wishes, and applications from customers, implement contracts signed between the customer and Kyosan, and to provide useful information regarding products and services, etc., for customers.
If personal information is acquired or used for any other purpose, the customer will be notified of the purposes and methods of use when their personal information is acquired, or said purposes and methods will be publicized beforehand.
Further, personal information may also be used a statistical data in a format that cannot identify the individual.

Principles of Non-disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

Kyosan will not disclose personal information provided (registered) by the customer to a third party. This does not apply, however, in any of the following cases.
(1) If the customer agrees
(2) If it is necessary to disclose personal information for implementing the purposes of use made clear to the customer to a group company, cooperating company, allied company, or business contractor that makes decisions concerning Kyosan and the protection of personal information
(E.g.: Contract to send notice of winning a competition prize to an external worker, etc.)
(3) If processed as statistical data into a format that cannot identify the individual customer
(Numbers of prize applicants by age group, etc.)
(4) If required to provided the information by law

Using Direct Mail

Kyosan does not use direct mail without the customer’s approval unless applying the e-mail address, address, and name, etc., provided by the customer for the purposes of use described above.

Verifying, Correcting, and Deleting Personal Information

To verify customer personal information, and correct or delete mistakes, request the Kyosan helpdesk described below using the designated Kyosan procedures. After confirming that the relevant request was made by the customer themselves, the customer’s personal information will be disclosed, revised, or deleted within a reasonable period.


If a customer wishes to check their own personal information, they should contact either the department that replied to them or the address that they were given separately by Kyosan when they provided their personal information.
If the helpdesk is not known, or for personal information provided using the Kyosan website, contact the following with your inquiry.

Management of Personal Information

Information and website managers manage personal information acquired from customers very strictly, and discuss suitable countermeasures to prevent the information being divulged, diverted, or manipulated, etc.
Further, if there are any special determinations in the rules of use, etc., for Kyosan websites, the applicable determinations shall take priority in the “privacy policy”.

Other Checks

Kyosan makes every effort to protect personal information, but cannot assure security during information transmission. Customers are personally responsible for the information that they send. When online, be very careful in handling information.
Further, Kyosan may change this privacy policy at any time. If so, they become effective upon being posted to the website.