Corporate procurement activities

In the procurement department, we open up and procure parts, materials, and equipment with excellent quality, technologies, costs, and delivery periods with the aim of achieving “optimal procurement”, and are rolling out procurement activities based on 5 basic ideas.
Further, we are also looking for good partners who understand Kyosan’s ideas, and will cooperate in contributing to both mutual and economic development.

Basic procurement ideas

1. Open door policy
Kyosan is developing procurement activities by seeking a wide range of honest and upright suppliers both domestic and foreign for the procurement of product parts and materials, and for manufacturing equipment, etc.
In choosing a supplier, we consider the overall attitude and systems towards continuous improvement in addition to the quality, technologies, costs and delivery periods.
2. Mutual progress based on mutual trust
Kyosan would like to plan mutual development through transactions.
Consequently, we think that it is important to configure a strong relationship of trust through close communications with our suppliers.
Promoting “green procurement” that considers the environment
Kyosan promotes development, design, and production activities that consider the environment from a total perspective. Consequently, corporate-only activities are not enough, and the cooperation of all suppliers is indispensable.
Make sure to understand and cooperate with our “green procurement guidelines”.
4. Coexist with society, and promote “CSR procurement” for sustainable growth
As part of the DENSO Group, Kyosan aims for corporate activities that obey the law, and consider human rights and labor, the environment, and corporate ethics, etc.
Further, to respond to increased interest in social responsibility towards the overall business process, our company not only promotes CSR in its corporate activities, but also requires consideration of CSR from our trading partners.
In other words, we think of it as achieving mutual prosperity throughout the entire supply chain by having all companies participating in the overall supply chain meeting the demands of society.
Make sure to understand the contents of our “supplier CSR guidelines” before getting involved.
5. Strict observance of the law and thorough maintenance of confidentiality
Kyosan strictly observes laws that concern procurement activities.
Further, we also pay thorough attention to the handling of any confidential information learned through these transactions.
Procurement organization and distribution of labor


Procurement department Parts procurement office Parts, materials, dies (cutting, forging, resin molding, rubber, pressing, and die casting, etc.)
General procurement section Equipment and equipment parts (machine parts, electrical parts, blades, tools, etc.), building structures, auxiliary materials, miscellaneous items, services such as shipping and utilities, etc.


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